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19 years ago, at a time where hair removal was considered embarrassing, Strip set the stage for the evolution of waxing, breaking the stigma surrounding Brazilian hair removal, all while being cheeky, fun, and fearless. We established hygienic, speedy and quality waxing so you don’t leave walking cross-legged. Whether you choose to prune the garden or not, and however you choose to do it, we made hair removal elegant and accessible, so you can go forth and be confidently and unapologetically, you.


Two Lips

TWO LIPS is the world’s first luxury intimate care range for the vulva, developed by the global authority in vulva care with 20 years of industry experience and conversations with real women - from Strip customers to therapists alike. Two Lips is about breaking the silence, and opening up conversations and embracing all things vulva. It is about the freedom of making your own choices when it comes to taking care of yourself. It is about embracing your individuality and womanhood because every vulva is as unique as your personality.