IPL uses a broader wavelength of light to disperse spikes of engergy into the skin, whereas AFT uses a narrower wavelength to deliver an even distribution of energy, allowing for a more targeted and precise treatment.
While IPL uses 3cm applicators, AFT uses 5cm applicators to ensure more effective hair reduction over a wider area.
The bursts of engery from IPL has been known to feel unpleasant, but don't worry - AFT's built-in cooling system and its 'In-Motion' technique provides you with a comfortable and painless hair removal experience.


$900 (U.P. $1800)
$1000 (U.P. $2000)
$400 (U.P. $800)
$225 (U.P. $450)

$1300 (U.P. $2600)
$1500 (U.P. $3000)
$500 (U.P. $1000)
$325 (U.P. $650)


Limited to 2 packages purchase per profile. Must Be 2 unique profile per transaction. Promotion is only applicable for 2 unique body parts. Applicable for AFT treatment packages only. Packages are valid 2 years from date of purchase and strictly non-extendable. Promotion ends 31 July 2019. Other terms and conditions apply.

* Individual results may vary. A minimum of 6 sessions required to see results.